Your website is your digital business card! It give your potential guests a first impression of what to expect from your business. They will often make the direct correlation between a good website and a good hotel. Therefore, you must have the best representation of your hotel possible! This means beautiful and atmospheric pictures, a clear, easy and organic navigation as well as many other features that will show the true value of your hotel to your potential clients! Trust us, we have seen way too many websites with badly framed pictures and a bad resolution. Your website has the power to change potential guests to actual guests – own this power and take this chance!

With the pink network, L.I.K.E. has its own in-house and full service digital agency with hospitality background. This way you don’t just get any website, but the one your Hotel needs. Whether it is a premium design and concept or the creation of high class and suitable pictures.

Website Creation

We build you your new website. Whether it is your design template or our creation, together we create your new web appearance.

Website Development

You already own a website, but want to transform and optimize it? No problem we would be happy to help you developing your existing website.

Content Creation

You are in need of content for your website? With our network of creatives, the production of pictures, text or video is no problem for us!

Content Optimization

If you already have your own content but want to brush it up, our graphic design staff is your solution! We help you to edit your existing website content so it matches contemporary standards.