More than 90% of all internet activity in Germany starts on a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The evolving question is: what can you do, to guide the internet users of your target groups to your website and to make them book your rooms and services? Hotel-SEO, the Search Engine Optimization for hotels and tourism businesses must be a main topic in the digital landscape of those businesses. It helps them to stay relevant! Therefore, let us advise you in all topics regarding SEO and evaluate yourself which result Search Engine Optimization can have for your Website and your sales.

Free initial consulting

In a first free consultation, we analyze the main issues as well as the biggest potential concerning the SEO of your website. As a result, we define the first tangible optimization approaches.

Strategy & Workshop

Together with you, we will create the future SEO strategy for your company in a workshop. We will define which search elements are relevant for your goals and result in a higher user rate of your website.

On-Site Optimization

The text you put on your website plays an important role in the optimization of your hotel SEO. Besides the search engine optimized text, there are also other criteria on a website, that you can use to boost your digital visibility.

Off-Site Optimization

Besides the on-site and content optimization potential, we also focus on the off-site optimization. This means that we take a look at the use of external elements for a even better visibility of your website.

Tourism & Hotel-SEO

We don’t just optimize your SEO criteria randomly. Instead, our SEO-Team takes care, that your website is built by common and modern hospitality standards.

Content Optimization

The content of your website, for example pictures and videos, play an important role how easy your website will be found in a search engine. You doubt it?  We will show it to you during the content optimization of your website.

Data Implementation

Our SEO experts will implement your optimized meta data in all relevant systems. This way your digital visibility will be formed the best way it can. In the end, we will check the functionality and legality of the data.

Analysis & Controlling

We will support you with all necessary digital possibilities, to have an overview of the performance of your SEO. Therefore you can make changes whenever it is necessary.