Experience meets research.

Being a young and innovative company, L.I.K.E. took up the cause to forget the traditional culture of consulting. The team behind L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting combines their hospitality background with a curiosity for current trends, while never leaving our main principles out of sight. Expertise needs proper backing: for that reason, the current digital market is under constant observation. These observations are then put into context and delivered to a huge number of readers (wonders never cease: over 500.000 readers have been reached with the first publicly available report). Our reports are current and easy to digest – well, who has ever been keen to dive deep into masses of data and pages, when trying to stay up-to-date in hospitality?! If you agree with our opinion, look no further! The reports below, which are added by a few more annually, shed a light onto hospitality trends while still leaving you free to follow your daily duties. Promise!