Non-Hospitality Consulting

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The hospitality industry and its values enjoy global and unanimous respect across all industries, for their precision, guest services and service capability. Bringing hospitality values and respectively hospitality experts, into non-hospitality industries and businesses is therefore becoming an increasingly popular way of optimizing service performances and service standards. Examples of industries that have followed the hospitality industry in terms of service optimization include the banking sector, hospital services and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Non-Hospitality and L.I.K.E. on the move.

Any business that contains a certain amount of guest relation can benefit from the values of hospitality. No other industry relies as heavily on, and therefore perfectionizes in, the idea of service and attention to detail, the same way hospitality services do. Regardless of whether you want to enhance your customer experience online or offline, doing so by hospitality standards will naturally improve the overall procedures and levels by which your business performs.

With its Non-Hospitality services L.I.K.E. aims to optimize the relationship between businesses and their clientele. When improving the service capability of a business the goal however is not only to make services more appealing and unique for customers, but also to facilitate those that are expected to deliver the service.

Experience shows that especially larger enterprises can greatly benefit from small changes to improve their service capability. Whatever the challenge may be, the hospitality team at L.I.K.E. knows all about applying hospitality values in Non-Hospitality companies, because Non-Hospitality work at L.I.K.E. is always performed with a hospitality state of a mind. Curious whether there is anything we can do for your business? Ask away at