New Media Consulting

The digital age.

With over 50% of the world’s population being under the age of 30 and more people owning a mobile device than a toothbrush, it becomes clear that technology and new media have fundamentally changed our way of living. It affects communication, but also impacts public perception and buying-decisions, which makes a coherent and effective new media – and social media strategy all the more important. Therefore the question for most businesses, regardless the industry they operate in, can no longer be whether or not to prioritize New Media, but instead must be to what extent time and resources are invested.

Your next step – New Media Consulting.

The original intent of Social Media, as the name suggests, is the social interaction between users through comments, photos and other entertainment. Businesses operating on Social Media mustn’t forget this intent and refrain from purely using Social Media as a marketing channel. The primary goal of a Social Media strategy for business purposes therefore usually is the engagement with your audience, keeping in mind that a user has plenty of other sites and platforms to choose from – (s)he isn’t waiting for yours. So ask yourself, what are you prepared to do differently on these designated channels in order for your site(s) to stand out?

New Media however can eventually do more for a business than simply give the opportunity to connect with your clientele. It can not only provide you with valuable data about your customers and their buying behavior, but it can also ultimately turn into a highly resourceful sales channel for given promotions and sales acts. Likewise, no other media than social media can provide equivalent accuracy and short-term availability when targeting specific content at a specific customer segment.

New Media Consulting by L.I.K.E. and the additional New Media Management by L.I.K.E. are ways of exploiting the fact that tourism, travel and hospitality have a high interaction rate online and can thus be transformed into followers, fans and eventually customers. The New Media Team at L.I.K.E. has the knowledge, resources and creativity as to how you can optimize your overall online appearance, including New- and Social Media sites. Just doing New Media for the sake of doing it, without an active strategy behind it, simply would be a waste of your resources. Whatever there is to know about New Media, it all starts here: