Hospitality Consulting

Future-oriented hospitality consulting.

Global issues such as the evolving demographic structure, a strongly connected world or climate change confront the hospitality industry with major challenges, besides the influence of its many stakeholders, ranging from owners & investors, to clients and employees, to communities & partners. The aim of every modern business should therefore be to create a sustainable relationship between its environment, its clients and its own commercial interests.

Hospitality consulting by L.I.K.E. covers small-scale individual projects of individual outlets, mid-scale regional consulting and large-scale corporate strategy advisory. All services at L.I.K.E. are carried out with a future-minded approach, guiding clients through the evolving times of technology, digitalization and globalization. The primary goal in any case is the creation of sustainable value and durable success, whilst optimizing current deficits of an operation

Sustainable value.

Sustainability must be an essential aspect of any modern management decision. It combines both the dimensions of time and quality, making sustainable hospitality consulting a long term process with long term effects in most cases. Short term solutions and the respective short term effects on the other hand can also be triggered if necessary, by adapting strategies and measures accordingly. The goal of consulting however must not be to reach a short-term advantage but the implementation of a strong competitive advantage in order to secure all strategic targets in the long run.

In times of the digital age, successful consulting must incorporate the component of constant evolution in areas such as technological advancements, demographic change and economic fluctuations, and must therefore be more flexible than previous consulting models of the past. At L.I.K.E. we pride ourselves in providing exactly that flexibility in our consulting services, with a strong focus on keeping your goals the center of attention under any external circumstances. If you are wondering whether your project might be something we can help with, get in touch and we’ll find out together.