Digital hospitality concepts.

Constant interaction with European hospitality schools on several levels, made us realise the potential to educate students regarding L.I.K.E.’s main competencies. The planned syllabus is based on different modules, which reflect the overall concept of L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting. Digitalization of websites, SEO and the effective use of social media are just some of that digital portfolio.

The main target of the educational project is to trigger an interest in the rise of the digital markets in the heads of up-and-coming hospitality professionals. Since we all know that the difference between the current supply and demand chain is huge, we believe that a young and innovative approach may change the current situation – at least a little. The team at L.I.K.E. is confident that the hospitality industry is benefiting from the closure of this apparent knowledge gap and that long-term improvements of the supply and demand cycle will consequently happen.

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