Digital Pre-Opening

When opening a new business, the whole digital landscape must be built from scratch. You must analyse your business, your target market and other characteristics to adapt your search engine, social media, OTAs and website to the individual concept of your hotel. Here at L.I.K.E. we can support you with our experience in this ambiguous and time-consuming task! Let us guide you through the essential steps to create your own digital landscape!


An individual and modern website builds the foundation of your digital appearance. To get more information about our website-services click here.


 SEO & SEA and the Google business listing are essential for your digital visibility!

Social Media & Review Sites

From Facebook to Tripadvisor. We ensure that your social accounts are setup in the best way possible. You can find more about our social media services here!


Managing your OTA accounts is a game of knowledge. Where to invest? How to appear in the top of the search? How to redirect clients to your own direct bookings? Let us share with you our experience and make you the master of, Holidaycheck and any account thriving your business!