Review Sites

As a hospitality business in the digital world, you receive a lot of feedbacks from previous guests. Feedbacks that are visible worldwide with an enormous impact on your future guests. These reviews are posted on social media, OTAs or even on search engines. You can’t always control the reviews you receive, but you can control the impact you have with your answer. Let us teach you how to master your responses and build a positive influence on all of your future business!


The modern traveler has a variety of different tools and channels to rate a stay at a hotel or restaurant. We at L.I.K.E. have the overview of all important platforms and know which ones are worth the effort!


Review sites can be seen as one of the most modern ways of hospitality marketing. The impression your business leaves on these platforms have a direct influence on your potential customers. We know what it takes to present your business in the best way possible. It is the combination of our experience in the hospitality industry and the affinity for digital services that gives us the needed expertise.


Your customer-communication is our expertise – we know what matters! If you want to hand over your review management to professionals, we would be happy to take on this job so you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

92% - Mystery Check

92% Mystery Check – the most complete testing method for the hospitality industry, taking into account all factors of the modern guest experience. This opens up the possibilities to prevent bad reviews through early action. Click here to get more information about our unique mystery testing!