About Us

The idea.

L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting is the first venture of the L.I.K.E. Hospitality Group and started operations in July 2014, when it was founded by Robin von Bothmer and Fritz Dickamp; the company has since then worked in collaboration with hospitality and non-hospitality firms alike, in optimizing themselves, their online appearance, client services and expansion strategies.

The idea behind the company was and remains to create a firm with a hospitality management background that clients can rely on in the constantly evolving digital age, to guide them primarily through online challenges. Whilst the world is gradually shifting online, it is now more than ever important to have professionals manage your digital footprint and preserve your online reputation.

At the same time the goal is not to solely focus on the online behavior of different generations, but to also be recognized as a pro-active problem-solving agency, that understands the value of the few remaining face-to-face encounters you and your clients have in today’s modernized world.


„Luck, doesn’t have to be part of your portfolio.”


The people.

At L.I.K.E. we aim for the right mixture of experience and talent. Whilst we respect and understand the necessity for experience and guidance by industry veterans in our team, we are not afraid of recruiting young talent out of the leading international hospitality management schools at an early stage of their career.

What may seem unusual at first, will probably become clearer at second thought. Who better to optimize your online presence than the generation with the heaviest web-usage, the generation that was born into a digitizing world and grew up with it? Who better to provide you with the valuable hospitality consulting you need, than the coming generation of guests and employees?

Close alliances with the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and several global hospitality companies ensure L.I.K.E.’s vision of hospitality management is constantly updated. No doubt, it will quickly become clear that L.I.K.E. is rather different to other hospitality consulting businesses and their staff, not only due to the generational difference, but also in the way work and projects are carried out.
Different how? Meet the team at future@like-consulting.com

Careers – Join the future!

We are not out to hire a document, but are looking to add components to our team that share the same values that we have. If you are capable of demonstrating a passion for the hospitality industry, we can’t wait to hear from you at future@like-consulting.com


Internship: Strategy & Project Development Hero – starting January 2019 or later (6 Month)