92% – Personalized Testing

Testing reinvented.

With 92% L.I.K.E. has created a dynamic testing tool that evaluates the entire Guest-Experience-Cycle of a hospitality business. Whereas existing testing methods primarily and sometimes solely focus on the in-house experience, 92% covers a much wider angle, including crucial information that determine your performance pre and post the in-house experience.

In most cases hospitality services are produced simultaneously to their consumption, which leaves little room for errors and very few opportunities for correction and compensation. Therefore ask yourself: What do your guests expect? What are your strengths? Are these strengths actually important to your guests? What can be optimized? What does quality mean for you and what does it mean for your guests?

92% was developed not just to test hotels, instead it can be applied to almost any business model in the hospitality industry. Hotels or airlines, gastronomy or theme parks, simply any hospitality business that welcomes guests with expectations towards their consumption of services can make use of this tool – especially as it is becoming more difficult to group guests into large segments and attribute certain consumption behaviors. With the next generation of guests being more diverse and having more specific expectations, certain niche interests evolved. Exactly those niche interests of guests can be identified with 92% and thus drive up guest satisfaction.

The goal of 92% is to clearly identify your strengths in relation to your guests’ expectations and identify areas of opportunity pre, during and post the in-house experience of your clientele. As such, 92% can be fully customized to your standards and goals, making it an inclusive testing method. Dynamic. Precise. Sustainable.

92%. The realistic maximum.

The tool to measure your quality should be as individual as your company and clients. L.I.K.E. therefore created a tool with three customizable modules that rely on the theory of the Guest-Experience-Cycle. 92% is not a testing method with fixed criteria and evaluation grids, instead it is fully customizable to the extent that you can choose to work with all modules or just those that you deem necessary and interesting to your business.

Module 1 – Guest analysis

The first module of 92% will identify guest segments that are relevant to your business. Based on your customer information and our research, guest profiles (personas) with the following dimensions will be created: demand, research and search process, buying behavior and booking decisions, needs and expectations, consumption behavior and potential additional revenue opportunities.

A separate catalogue of test criteria for each guest profile is executed, in order to precisely imitate the experience during module 2 and compare it to specific expectations.

Module 2 – Personalized Testing

The testing phase is based on the Guest-Experience-Cycle, which was created by L.I.K.E. and evolves around the theory of buying decisions and search procedures and the way clients evaluate their level of interest in a product or a service today. The evaluation is split into three phases of the guest experience: Pre, During and Post.


Every guest segment has a certain pattern during search and purchase. L.I.K.E. analyzes if your establishment is findable and bookable over the identified distribution channels. Pre looks at the information quality, the sales arguments, the booking options, as well as the first communication with the guest.


The guest has certain expectations towards his stay in your premises. During will not necessarily test every aspect of the service offering across-the-board, unless it has previously been identified as relevant and important. For example, a wireless connection can be equally as, or even more important, than friendly service.


The interaction with the guest does not end with the payment of the bill. In order to win a guest as a loyal customer, the communication has to be kept alive. Motivate the guest to give feedback and track where and how he talks about your company. Keep in mind: His after-stay might be the pre-experience for your next guest.

Module 3 – Evaluation

As a final step, the Personalized Testing-modules and the findings of your Guest-Experience-Cycle are summarized and evaluated. Based on the findings an action plan is created with measures for the optimization of your service experience. The report includes the guest analysis, a detailed evaluation of the Personalized Testing-module, optimization targets and an action plan with precise measurements of realistic future targets in areas that are important to your clients.

Lastly, you are probably wondering: “Why call the program 92%, when everybody seems to be aiming for 100%?” Point taken; we promise we’ll reveal the mystery right after your first 92%-analysis has been completed: solutions@like-consulting.com